mizukake-fudo MIZUKAKE-FUDO

What are the blessings offered here?

No matter what your request, this deity will provide its blessings and support. Particularly through the practice of pouring water, this site is said to bring prosperity in the “water trade” – or nighttime entertainment businesses – and the two childlike figures in front represent a couple, offering good luck in matchmaking. The fierce expression of the statue is also believed to ward off evil and bad spirits and traditionally is set amongst fire to symbolize purifying the hearts of all living things.

About Mizukake-fudo

Before the war, water was offered simply as the treasured source from which all life springs. However, one day a woman came entreating the deity of Mizukake-fudo to answer her sincere prayers and poured water on the statue in the process. This practice later spread among the people of Osaka and is now a long-followed tradition.


While offering the experience of conveyor belt sushi, this shop delivers a quality that is second-to-none in the world of sushi and
is set in a traditional atmosphere with only counter seating available.
Come and fully savor a delicious moment in this charming space.

  • Sushi filled with life


    CHOJIRO lets you enjoy authentic and exciting sushi for a reasonable price.

  • Freshness is everything


    Here, you can eat sushi that is freshly prepared by our master chefs right before your eyes.

  • A creative menu in tune with the seasons


    From traditional sushi delicacies to originally crafted delights, we offer a rich selection of options. Our menu features items prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients.

  • A multi-language touch panel for orders


    We have set up a multi-language touch panel to assist you with your orders and ensure you do not get lost in translation.

We accept the following credit cards.

meotozenzai MEOTO

As the Chinese characters in its name suggest,
Meotozenzai is food that brings good fortune
and harmonious relationships to couples who eat it together.

  • Over 130 years of history


    Created over 130 years ago, Meotozenzai is a traditional Japanese sweet that lets you taste the refined flavors of Japan.

  • About Meotozenzai


    Zenzai is a Japanese sweet made from Adzuki red beans that have been simmered in sugar. Meotozenzai is a zenzai dish that is separated into two bowls for eating. This dish can be eaten together with shio-kombu –seaweed cooked in soy sauce – for an even more delectable experience.

  • Meotozenzai in novels and movies


    A novel has been written on the theme of Meotozenzai that was later turned into a movie. From this, we can see the dish has been close to the hearts of Japanese from long ago.

  • Great for souvenirs


    We offer original items that can only be found at Meotozenzai as well as take-away zenzai treats that can be eaten at home.


Only cash is accepted at our shop. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask that you please be aware that credit card payments cannot be processed.

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1-2-16, Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka city, 542-0076, Japan

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